Agro Phyto Group is:
Own fields in Odessa region
Export and realization of Ukrainian farmers’ product
Harvesting, processing, packing, delivery and
storage of custom-made products
Agro Phyto Group is a rapidly growing full-service agricultural company. We grow, process and sell our own products, as well as provide sales services for Ukrainian farmers.

About Us:

>1000 tons

annual product turnover
2700 square meters

of warehouses
Own equipment for harvesting, drying and processing
Team of experienced agronomists
Database of farmers and contractors all over Ukraine

We offer products:

(Specify a more detailed list of products individually)
For farmers
For producers
we help farmers sell their products at bargain prices.
we provide the supply of quality raw materials directly from farmers. We organize delivery in any country by all modes of transport.

For farmers

We provide sales services for Ukrainian farmers and contractors, having built our own system of product sales for export and to large Ukrainian producers.

We help the farmer to find a buyer with the most favorable terms of sale, and take the responsibility for the organization, processing, logistics, packing and delivery to the buyer.

We provide sales of your products or individual services:

Agronomist consulting
Logistics, land and sea freight
Product storage in our own warehouses (possibly with cooling)
Primary packing for transportation in crates, big bags, nets, boxes, etc.
Processing and packaging products according to buyer's requirements (any packaging and label design)
Exports and processing of customs documents
Why do farmers benefit from working with us?
We are not a reseller:
you know the exact final price at which your products are sold
Our remuneration are percentages of the selling price,
which means that we, just like you, are interested in favorable price/beneficial pricing
All resources of our company are used to sell your products:
equipment for harvesting, packing and processing, warehouses, consultations of lawyers, agronomists, accountants, auditors; representation at exhibitions and market research
You get access to the international market
Go about your business without worrying about sales, logistics, etc.!
We will take care of this task.

For producers

Agro Phyto Group sells its own products as well as provides manufacturers (food, pharmaceutical, chemical and beauty industries) with the collection of the required volume of raw materials through its own base of farmers and contractors all over Ukraine.

We regularly expand our assortment.
If you are interested in a position that you
have not seen in our list - leave a request- our manager will clarify the availability and delivery possibilities.
We organize
the whole process of delivery from the field: processing, transportation, storage and export.
final products packaging and branding.
We provide
Advantages of working with us for Producers:
Favorable prices due to direct deliveries from farmers with no intermediary markups
High quality products that are controlled by our team of agronomists
Organize the entire process: from delivery from the field to the packaging of your brand
Provide the required volume using our own farmland and base of farmers throughout Ukraine
We provide execution of customs documents, transportation by land and sea.

The mission of Agro Phyto Group

Our mission is to expand opportunities for Ukrainian farmers and contractors to sell their products on favorable terms.

The task of the farmer is to grow high-quality products; our goal is to take away all the hassle associated with the sale of products. We will help you sell products directly to the buyer bypassing intermediaries.

Working Principles:

Long-term cooperation
Quality products
working with partners, we focus on long-term relationships, so we always discuss terms that will be beneficial for everyone.
The situation on the market can change every day, and the needs of customers and partners may be completely different. We are always open to dialogue and ready to help our partners in solving their problems.
Ensuring high quality products is the main task of our team of agronomists. And they do it perfectly.
If you are interested in cooperation or you have any questions, please contact us!
Tel: +38 096 150 59 43
Main office: 36 Kosmonavtov St, Odessa, Ukraine